Experior Micro Technologies Ltd are specialists in the development, manufacture and implementation of wireless sensing and control solutions. We design, produce and supply our own range of wireless hardware that enables the monitoring and control indoor and outdoor objects, environments, equipment and infrastructure autonomously, locally or via the Internet. To complement our range of standard hardware, we also provide a bespoke system design service for the development of new, improved and innovative monitoring and control hardware and software solutions for use in a wide variety of applications, including natural ventilation, intelligent buildings, smart agriculture, human and machine health and industrial process control.   A New Wireless Revolution? What are the Benefits? What Do We Offer? We are entering a new age. Advances in wireless communication now enable everyday objects, environments and infrastructure to communicate with people and other objects, environments and infrastructure in ways which were not possible before. Information obtained from one location can be used to intelligently control items in another location - a room, a building, a city, or even across boarders on an worldwide scale. The proliferation of mobile devices means that we humans can easily observe, record and affect this interaction at any time and from any place. This ensures that we remain informed and in control while other things work for us - making our lives simpler.   Our lives are becoming busier and machines are becoming more intelligent, so it makes sense to let the objects around us help us to better understand and control the environment in which we live. Providing objects with intelligence and a means to communicate enables them to help us. This saves us time and money and allows us to develop ways of improving both the routine and complex tasks which make-up our daily lives. Access to information linked with intelligent automation leads to improved decision making and efficiency. Improved efficiency results in saving time and time is one of our most valuable resources - wireless connectivity lets us make the better use of it.   We develop systems that enable objects, environments and infrastructure to be monitored and controlled by people, other objects, environments and infrastructure. We develop electronics that sense, measure, control and communicate. We write software that enables data to flow efficiently between objects and allows humans to interact easily with them. We design products and advise on the technical challenges of bringing them to market. We can work with an open remit, or a tight specification and operate within the time- scales defined by our customers. Above-all we offer partnership, commitment and the drive needed to get great things done.