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We guide and support our clients in the development and implementation of advanced engineering solutions in three core areas: Electronics Design, Manufacture and Test Wireless and Radio-Frequency Systems Software Development














the following applications:

Sensing, Measurement & Control Systems Machine-to-Machine Connectivity Internet of Things

































national blue chip companies.


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Electronics Engineering
Rapid Prototyping
Embedded Systems
Software Engineering
Radio-Frequency & Microwave
Supporting you at every stage of the electronics and software development cycle Cut your engineering development time, reduce your costs and minimise your risks with our support and expertise
Analogue & Digital Circuit Design PCB Layout Communications (USB, Bluetooth, RS485) User-Interfaces, Touch-Screens & Dispays Manufacturing Support
Multi-layer PCB Manufature Housing Mechanical Design 3D-Printed & Laser Machined Components Keypads, Facias & Graphics CE Marking & Electromagnetic Compatibility
Microcontroller Systems (ARM, Microchip, ATMEL) Firmware Development Real-Time Operating Systems, Linux & eLUA Sensors and Control Interfaces, Displays & Communications
Windows .NET Development Human-Machine-Interfaces and GUIs Windows Applications Labview and Keysight VEE Web Applications
Passive & Active Circuit Design Planar Circuit Fabrication / Chip-&-Wire Small & Large Signal Measurements to 26.5GHz Microwave Component Characterisation Circuit Tuning, Debugging & Trouble-Shooting
IoT Hardare Development Machine-to-Machine Connectivity Wireless Telecommunications Web-Application Development Cloud Data Management Solutions
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Quality We provide a second-to-none engineering support service and deliver within cost and on time.
Vision We use the latest technologies to provide novel solutions to solve engineering problems.
Experience We have decades of cutting- edge engineering experience within our development team.
Partnership We work closely with our customers to ensure successful solution delivery.
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At Experior, we have over 20 years of experience in end-to-

end electronics development, enabling us to produce cost-

effective, high performance custom designs for our


We use the latest schematic capture and layout tools, which

coupled with our proven in-house design methodologies

and in-depth knowledge of electronics’ manufacturing

processes, enables us to realise robust analogue and digital

designs that are first-pass specification compliant.

We have experience working with high performance

components from all main suppliers, including

microcontrollers from ARM, Microchip and ATMEL, as well as

the use of USB, Bluetooth, ZigBee and 2G/3G networks to

link devices together and provide connections to users via

Internet-based services.

We work closely with selected UK PCB manufactures to

realise prototype designs and have strong links with reliable

off-shore manufactures for the cost-effective production of

parts in larger volumes.

Embedded System Design

FPGA Design

Sensors and Control Systems

Machine-2-Machine Connectivity

PCB Manufacturing

Certification and Compliance

Wireless & RF

Wireless communication between electronic devices, web-

based services and end-users is one of the most rapidly

expanding and therefore important areas of electronics

development today. The correct choice of wireless

technology, power management design and the certification

of wireless products in order to bring them to market all

require specialist experience and engineering skills.

Additionally, at radio frequencies the need for advanced

design approaches such as electromagnetic circuit

simulation, manufacturing-spread analysis and harmonic /

spectral analysis all place extra demands on the knowledge

and capabilities of the circuit designer.

At Experior, we have wide ranging experience in design,

testing and manufacture of high-frequency components,

circuits and systems at frequencies up-to 26.5GHz.

Additionally, we have access to the specialised equipment

necessary to test devices and circuits at high frequencies in

both the small and large-signal domains, meaning we can

supply a full turn-key radio-frequency circuit design,

manufacturing and test service to our customers.

WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and GPS

2G - 3G Mobile Communications

Wireless Sensing and Control

RF and Microwave Circuit Design

Circuit Characterisation to 110GHz

Wireless Standards and Certification


The advent of emerging markets such as the Internet-of-

Things, which encompass devices, communication systems

and Internet based services requires a holistic approach to

software development, where  multiple coding approaches

on different types of device are required to realise robust

and functional systems.

At Experior, we develop code at all levels, from on-the-metal

assembler running on small memory-footprint

microcontrollers through to managed C# applications

supporting web-based APIs running on cloud-based servers.

For electronics and embedded systems we work primarily in

C and C++ for the development of applications and drivers.

For larger and more complex tasks we use interpreters such

as embedded LUA and Python or implement embedded

operating systems using various RTOS and Windows IoT


We also develop managed code in C# or Visual-Basic using

the Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET and MVC4/5 for the realisation

of PC, mobile and web-applications.  For clients wishing to

realise web-based IoT services, we can supply fully

configurable off-the-shelf website solutions with flexible API

programming options and full SQL database support.

Embedded Software Development

Microsoft Windows Applications

Web Applications in MVC 4 & 5

Cloud Database Services

IoT Service Development

Mobile Application Development

Turn-Key Remote Sensing Solutions

At Experior we provide our own range of turn-key sensing technology solutions that allow the monitoring of a wide variety of parameters such as temperature, pressure, gas concentrations, light levels, flow and movement and the delivery of measurement data to other equipment or end-users via cloud-based data management and information services. Our systems utilise wireless telecommunication protocols such as ZigBee, Bluetooth Low-Energy and proprietary sub-GHz solutions to realise local wireless sensor networks covering areas of up-to 5km2 . In situations where wireless systems are not suitable, our hardware can be configured to connect sensors via traditional ‘wired’ methods using a range of industry standard protocols such as SDI-12, RS484, I2C and SPI. Our mobile-bridge technologies realise highly adaptable remote sensing solutions that can operate from virtually any location, enabling the development of new and powerful services in the fields of environmental monitoring, building infrastructure and machine health.

Turn-Key Remote Control Solutions

To supplement our powerful remote sensing solutions, we supply a range of hardware and software that enables the remote control of 3rd-party equipment such as valves, pumps, motors, lights and heaters automatically from any device with an Internet connection. Our hardware can also be configured to communicate directly with existing control systems using interfaces and protocols such as MODBUS, BAC-Net or USB or communicate with wireless networks using ZigBee, OnEcean or Z-Wave protocols. The setting of control parameters such as target values or alarms that indicate to the user when a parameter falls outside a pre-defined range of values can all be done via our web-based user interfaces to realise powerful remote, automated web-based monitoring and control solutions.

Machine-to-Machine Connectivity

The proliferation of wireless and wired communication systems such as mobile telephone networks and Internet links has seen a huge increase in systems to connect people to one-another to share information and data. This increase is now being mirrored in machine-to-machine and machine- to-business connectivity solutions, where equipment which previously required direct human interaction for use can now be accessed remotely via wireless or wired networks, with user interfaces provided through on-line web-based services. At Experior, we supply a range of technologies that allow machines to communicate with one-another or users and businesses in the cloud. Our hardware can be both retro- fitted to existing systems, or engineered into new equipment and  products to provide devices and equipment with an Internet presence, allowing for the development and provision of new and powerful services in the fields of remote control, machine health and supply chain management.

The Internet of Things

The advent of low-cost, high-bandwidth telecommunications has led to a massive increase in the number of people connecting to other people or people connecting to businesses via Internet based services. Whether it be the use of social media, Internet Banking or E-Commerce, billions of people interact with one-other and their service providers via the world wide web. What applies to people can also apply to devices and this is encompassed by the The Internet-of-Things (IoT). With IoT, devices will be given an Internet presence that enables them to communicate in the way that people do today. Whether it be maintenance systems in cars, room- occupation sensors in sheltered housing, vibration detectors in industrial machines or intelligent medication dispensers, the number of connected devices is expected to increase dramatically over the next 5 - 10 years as new and innovative services that take advantage of device intelligence and interconnectivity are developed. At Experior, we have experience in developing and implementing all aspects of the IoT data and service chain. From the selection and integration of sensor and machine- interface technologies, through to the implementation of wireless communication networks and the development of server and client-side web-applications, we can inspire, advise and support businesses in the development of IoT services for their market and business.