It's a Data-Driven World

People, infrastructure and the natural environment are all sources of information that can be used to better understand the world we live in and take better decisions regarding how we manage and improve it.

At Experior we see data as the key to solving many of the problems facing cities, food supply, industrial production, transport and environmental sustainability.

That is why we guide our clients through the key aspects of the data capture, management and exploitation trail to create powerful digital and Internet-of-Things technologies for existing applications or new market areas.  

Data Capture

At Experior, we build systems that gather data from people, equipment and infrastructure as part of robust and secure digitalisation processes. From user interfaces running on mobile devices to IoT sensors and 3rd-party equipment, our solutions capture information and transmit it via most wired and wireless telecommunication methods and protocols.

Data Management

Once data is captured, we store, verify, and disseminate it via a wide range of channels. Built upon secure Microsoft Azure Cloud technology, our web applications can be configured to assess data viability and share it with other IT based systems for integration with external or external software platforms and services or transfer to stakeholders, 3rd-Parties or their customers.

Data Exploitation

We support our clients in obtaining the maximum value from their data. From providing custom dashboards and user interfaces, through to integrated analytics, machine intelligence, real-time modelling and the application of digital twins, Experior systems empower users to utilise data effectively while minimising the negative effects of their operations on the environment.

Services & Expertise

In order to provide our customers with state-of-the-art bespoke digital solutions that empower their business, we offer engineering consultancy services that cover the complete Internet-of-Things stack. From electronics design, manufacture and test through to wireless and wired telecommunications, cloud software development, product test, certification and subsequent manufacture, we support our clients at all stages of the IoT system development, test, ramp-up and rollout process.

Hardware Development

  • Sensor & Control Systems
  • Embedded / Edge Computing
  • Wireless Systems
  • Mechanical Components
  • Rapid Prototyping

Software Development

  • MS Windows Applications
  • Data Mangement / SQL
  • Cloud / Web Apps / MS Azure
  • M2M Communications
  • Data Integrity & Web Security

Test & Certification

  • Physical & Virtual Testing
  • Comms & Data Integrity
  • Operational Testing
  • CE & UKCE Marking
  • Manuals & User Guides 

Manufacturing & Support

  • Small Volume Manufacturing
  • High Volume / Off-Shore
  • In-line Testing & ATE
  • Database Management
  • Server Management

Let's Talk

If you have an idea or requirement that could benefit from digitalisation or Internet-of-Things technologies or would like to learn more about us, the way we work and the services we offer then please get in touch using the email address below.

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